Psalms of Qumran (1986)

Psalms of Qumran (1986)
Orchestration: 4 trumpets in C; 2 horns in F; 2 harps; 1 piano (doubles celesta); 6 double basses (2 scordatura tuning, 2 regular tuning, 2 with lower C extension); Percussion (4 players): vibraphone, xylophone, finger cymbal, suspended cymbal, castanets, whip, high tom, low tom, bass drum, bells, triangle, bell tree, wooden wind chime, rasp, 3 bongos, 3 timpani, 3 tuned water glasses.

Song 1: Prologue (chorus)
Song 2: I Thank You (baritone solo)
Song 3: Prince of Angels (chorus)
Song 4: Powerful Foes (baritone/chorus)
Song 5: Path of Eternity (chorus)
Song 6: Sorrow (baritone solo)
Song 7: Hoist the Flag (baritone/chorus)
Song 8: Praise Throughout Time (baritone/chorus)
Song 9: Epilogue (baritone/chorus)

Duration: 30"
Publisher: SAS
Language: English

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