The Search Unending (2000)

The Search Unending (2000)
Premiered in November of 2000 at Susquehanna University by the Susquehanna Chorale/Orchestra, Dr. Peter Dennee, Director.

Orchestration: 3 trumpets in Bb; 3 horns; 2 tenor trombones; 1 bass trombone; harp; piano/celesta; percussion (2 players): Percussion I: bass drum, suspended cymbal, crotales, triangle, snare drum, low tom-tom, tam-tam, bell plate, xylophone, ratchet, hi-hat cymbal; Percussion II: suspended cymbal, vibraphone, bells, chimes, snare drum, whip, low wood block, high and low tom-toms); timpani- 3 drums; 6 cell- 3 desks; 4 basses - 2 desks.

Song 1: "And it came to pass"; Interlude I: "Sacrifice his only son?"
Song 2: "Abraham arose"; Interlude II: "Be fleet of foot"
Song 3: "On the third day"; Interlude III: "Pray? How could they pray?"
Song 4: "Abraham took the wood"; Interlude IV: "The sweet glance of innocence"
Song 5: "And they came to the place"; Interlude V: "Now comes the awareness"
Song 6: "Abraham stretched out his hand"; Interlude VI: "Who is like You?"
Song 7: "Do not lift up your hand"; Interlude VII: "Blood of a ram"
Song 8: "And Abraham called the name"; Interlude VIII: "We hearken and we question"

Duration: 45"
Publisher: SAS
Language: English

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