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A Voice Still and Small (1987)

A Voice Still and Small (1987)
Dedicated to Edythe Salzberger.

Song 1: Elijah (chorus)
Song 2: Baal, Greatest of All (High Priests/Priestesses of Baal, chorus)
Song 3: Elijah's Prayer (Elijah)
Song 4: He Is God (chorus)
Song 5: Psalm of Thanksgiving (sick child, mother, Elijah)
Song 6: Ahab, Greatest of All (Ahab)
Song 7: Jezebel (chorus)
Song 8: The Trial (two witnesses, judge, chorus)
Song 9: Elijah Fled (chorus)
Song 10: Whirlwind (chorus)
Song 11: Earthquake (chorus)
Song 12: Fire (chorus)
Song 13: A Voice Still and Small (solo)
Song 14: Finale (chorus)

Duration: 45"
Publisher: SAS
Language: English

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