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Reb Mendele (1998) (violin/orchestra)

Reb Mendele (1998) (violin/orchestra)
Instrumentation: flute I and II; oboe I and II (doubling English horn); Bb clarinet I and II (doubling Bb bass clarinet); bassoon I & II; F horn I & II; C Trumpet I & II; trombone; timpani; harp violin solo; violin I & II; viola; violincello; double bass.

Premiered in October 1998 by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra in Los Angeles, CA with Mark Kashper, violin and Noreen Green, conductor. Dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Levi Olan.

Excerpts recorded on Shema (Transcontinental 950033) and in full on Flame of the Lord (Gasparo GSCD 347) and The Stradivarius Puzzle (Texas A&M, 2001).

Song 1: Supplication
Song 2: Lullabye
Song 3: Freilach (Wedding Dance)

Duration: 15"
Publisher: SAS
Language: N/A

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