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L'Moshel ("For example,") (1973, rev. 1990)

L'Moshel ("For example,") (1973, rev. 1990)
World premiere was in October of 1973 in Tel Aviv, Israel. American premiere was in April of 1974 in Boston, MA by the Zamir Chorale, Joshua Jacobson, conductor. Recorded on An Hour in the Garden of Eden (Zamir HZ 913).

The price listed includes one clarinet part and a score to be used by the conductor, pianist and choristers.

Song 1: A Yiddishe N'shume (A Jewish Soul) (chorus/clarinet)
Song 2: B'Moykom Sheyn Ish (In A Place Where There Are No Men) (alto/chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 3: Einer Hackt Holz (One Chops Wood) (4 solos/clarinet/piano)
Song 4: Chutspe Gilt (It's Good to have Chutzpah) (chorus/piano)
Song 5: Alle Kalles (All Brides Are Beautiful) (chorus/piano)
Song 6: Az Dos Madel (When the Girl Can't Dance) (soprano/clarinet/piano)
Song 7: Alle Vaiber (All Women Have Inherited From Their Mother Eve)(TB/clarinet/piano)
Song 8: Ven Di Bobe (If Grandma Had A Beard, She'd Be Grandpa)(chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 9: A Toyber Hot Gehert (A Deaf Man Heard) (chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 10: Mit Emes (With Truth) (chorus/piano)
Song 11: Az Men Ret A Sach (When Somone Talks A Lot) (chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 12: Dos Beste Ferd (The Best of Horses Needs A Whip)(opt. bar. solo/chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 13: Az Alle Zuchen (If Everyone Looks For A Beautiful Bride)(chorus/clarinet/piano)
Song 14: A Sho In Gad Eden (An Hour in the Garden of Eden) (opt. 4 solos/chorus/piano)
Song 15: Ein Breira (No Alternative Is Also An Alternative) (chorus/clarinet/piano)

Duration: 23"
Publisher: SAS
Language: Yiddish

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