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Ash un Flamen (Ashes and Flames) (1993)

Ash un Flamen (Ashes and Flames) (1993)
Commissioned by Harry Sebel on behalf of the Dallas Holocaust Society in honor of Zsuzsanna Oszvath. The cycle originally included Es Brent ("It's Burning" by M. Gebirtig) and Shtimmen Transreale ("Voices from the Beyond" by A. Zeitlin).

World premiere: University of Dallas in February of 1994 with Cantor Judith Meyersberg and the composer at the piano. East coast premiere at the U. S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., 1996. Recorded on the CD, A Clear Midnight (Transcontinental 950109). Excerpts recorded on the CD, I Have Taken An Oath To Remember (Transcontinental 950094).

Song 1: Treblinker Pesach (Passover in Treblinka) (A. Zeitlin)
Song 2: A Vog'n Shich (A Wagonful of Shoes) (A. Sutzkever)
Song 3: Roichen (Smoke of Jewish Children) (A. Sutzkever)
Song 4: Shifreles Portret (Shifreles Portrait) (M. Gebirtig)
Song 5: Kadish (Kaddish) (Z. Segalovitch)

Duration: 23"
Publisher: Transcontinental #991575 (medium voice) or #991475 (high voice)
Language: Yiddish

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