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At Grandmother's Knee (1977, rev. 1980)

At Grandmother's Knee (1977, rev. 1980)
The original version of At Grandmother's Knee was for solo medium voice/keyboard and was dedicated to the memory of Jean Starr Untermeyer. Premiered at Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX, in April of 1990 by the Temple Emanu-El Adult Choir and members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with the composer conducting.

Chamber ensemble: 1 flute doubling piccolo; 1 oboe; 1 clarinet; 1 bassoon; 1 French horn; 1 harp; 1 piano/celesta; strings; percussion.

Other versions: solo medium voice/keyboard (Transcontinental #991437); SATB/keyboard; SATB/ clarinet/keyboard; and SATB/flute/clarinet/violin/cello/keyboard.

Solo medium voice/keyboard is recorded on the CD Shema (Transcontinental 950033).

Song 1: Yakov's Lied (Jacob's Song)
Song 2: Vig-lied (Lullabye)
Song 3: A Simche Tanz (A Joyous Dance)
Song 4: Tsa-ar (Sorrow)
Song 5: Di M'zinka Ois G'geben (My Youngest Daughter's Married)

Duration: 14"
Publisher: SAS
Language: Yiddish

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