"If You Will Itů" (1983)

"If You Will Itů" (1983)
Commissioned by and premiered at Temple Israel, Boston, MA, Cantor Murray Simon. "Yasem Midbar" available separately for SATB/chorus.

Instrumentation: 2 tpts./1 French horn/1 tbn./1 flute/1 harp/double bass/piano.

Song 1: Introduction/At That Time I Will Gather You - Ufduyei Adonai Y'shu-vun (chorus)
Song 2: Y'fei Nof (Yehuda Halevi) - Beautiful Vista (tenor solo)
Song 3: Al Naharot Bavel (Psalm 137) - By the Waters of Babylon (chorus)
Song 4: "I Did Not Sleepů" (from the diaries of David Ben Gurion) (tenor solo)
Song 5: Yasem Midbar (Isaiah) - He Will Turn the Desert (chorus)
Song 6: Instrumental Interlude
Song 7: In the End of Days (Micah) (tenor solo/chorus)

Duration: 35"
Publisher: SAS
Language: Hebrew and English

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