Simon Sargon :: Orchestra :: Milestones (1986, rev. 1987)

Milestones (1986, rev. 1987)

Milestones (1986, rev. 1987)
Orchestration: 3 flutes (3rd doubling piccolo); 3 oboes (3rd doubling French horn); 3 Bb clarinets (3rd doubling bass clarinet); 3 bassoons (3rd doubling contrabassoon); 4 horns; 3 trumpets; 1 tuba; percussion (3 players): snare drum, crash cymbals, tambourine, 2 bongos, claves, triangle, suspended cymbal, xylophone, vibraphone, bells, whip, wood block, 2 temple blocks, roto-toms, bass drum, timpani; harp; piano/celesta; strings.

Premiered by the SMU Meadows Symphony Orchestra, Anshel Brusilow, conductor, at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1987. Dedicated to Anshel Brusilow.

Duration: 9"
Publisher: SAS
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