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Simon Sargon :: Opera, Musical Theatre & TV
Simon Sargon :: Opera, Musical Theatre & TV
"If You Will Itů" (1983)
A festive cantata in seven movements for tenor solo, SATB chorus and instrumental ensemble celebrating the 36th anniversary of Israel Independence Day. The instrumental sixth movement is particularly well-suited for dance. The title is from Theodore Herzl's famous quote, "If you will is no legend." Texts of the cantata include the Bible, Yehuda Halevi and David Ben Gurion.

A Voice Called (1977, rev. 1992)
Narrators/solos/two-part youth choir/keyboard. The story of Hannah Senesh, a hero of the Holocaust, told through spoken narrations of texts drawn from her diaries and letters as well as musical settings of her poetry. A beautiful and welcome addition to Holocaust education and awareness programs in Jewish and mainstream venues. Also appropriate for concerts commemmorating Kristallnacht or the liberation of the camps. Appropriate for performers ages 7-15 or youth and adult choirs.

A Voice Still and Small (1987)
Two-part youth choir/solos/keyboard. A musical dramatization of the Biblical story of Elijah the prophet. Elijah finds God not in the roar of the whirlwind, but in the still, small voice that speaks in his heart. Set for actors and singers ages 7-15. Singing and speaking roles. Delightful and engaging for audiences and a wonderful educational opportunity for Jewish or church youth groups.

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Israel in Bible Prophecy (2003)
Original soundtrack for the 2002 Cinematek Production written and hosted by David R. Reagan is drawn from several of Sargon's orchestral works.

Night of the Headless Horseman (1999)
The composer wrote the orchestral score for this hour-long animated feature film created for 20th Century Fox. The script was freely adapted from the novella The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. First broadcast in 2000, it later was made available for sale and has subsequently been broadcast in Europe, particularly in the Scandinavian countries.

Saul, King of Israel (1990)
Opera in one act. Libretto adapted by the composer from the Old Testament books of Samuel I & II which tell the dramatic story of Saul, the first king of Israel. The opera revolves around Saul's character-- paranoid and jealous-- and his struggle to understand why God chose him to be king and yet, at the same time, set him up for failure. Saul personifies the age-old problem of how to believe in the goodness of God when confronted by human failings and tragedy. Currently unavailable. Please see catalogue listing "Tapestries- Four Scenes from 'Saul, King of Israel'" (S102 or JS113) for information on orchestral version and to listen to audio clips.

The Singing Violin (1995)
An opera in one act with six scenes, based upon a gypsy folk tale. Named a Finalist in the National Opera Association Competition (1997). Piano accompaniment with optional violin. A Cinderella-like story in which the youngest daughter, hated by her half-sisters, is driven off a cliff and her soul imprisoned in a tree. The spell is broken with the help of her gypsy-mother's magic and a young woodsman who fashions a violin out of the tree. An excellent choice for university or college level singers and can be effectively performed with minimal sets and costumes.

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The Story of Rapunzel (2006)
An opera in one act, divided into three scenes, based on the Grimm fairy tale with a libretto by the composer. Characters: Rapunzel (soprano); Anna, Rapunzel's mother (mezzo-soprano); the Witch (alto or tenor); Prince Lucas (tenor); Tobias, Anna's father (baritone). With piano accompaniment. Melodic and dramatic with minimal cast, set and accompaniment, this is a perfect choice for a university or college opera workshop or program of one-act works.

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The Story of Ruth (2000)
A theatre piece in one act for singers, dancers and instrumental ensemble which tells the moving story of friendship, loyalty and love between Ruth and Naomi. Well-suited for ecumenical or Shavuot programs. Designed to be performed in flexible space in churches or synagogues.

Thirst (1972, rev. 1984)
An opera in one act based on a play by Eugene O'Neill, adapted by the composer. Three very different characters (Entertainer- mezzo soprano; Sailor- tenor; Gentleman - baritone) are adrift on a raft in the South Pacific following a shipwreck. The opera depicts their descent into madness and death. Set in 1900. With its minimal cast, set and instrumentation, this work is ideal for an opera workshop program or on an evening of one-act works.

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