Simon Sargon :: Wind Ensemble :: Wind ensemble with solo instrument(s)
Dusting Around with Scott's Rag (1981, rev. 1994) (Flute and wind ensemble)
Flute/wind ensemble. A set of lighthearted, entertaining variations on the famous Scott Joplin rag. Written to show off the flutist's technical prowess.

Questings (1990, rev. 2009) (horn/wind ensemble)
French horn/wind ensemble. A concerto for horn in three extremely contrasting movements. The horn theme of the opening recurs in the second and third movements, finally coming to a resolution at the end of the work. Also available in horn/orchestra (SI 103).

Rap Sessions (2002)
Trumpet solo/trombone solo/wind ensemble. A theme with 10 variations with a quasi concerto feeling. Two musician friends compete in a "Can you top this?" exchange. The piece highlights the virtuosity of both brass players and challenges them to carry off their assignments with showmanship and bravura.

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