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Divertimento for piano and orchestra (1994)
Piano/orchestra. In a reversal of the typical classical pattern of a progression from serious to light over the course of the movements, this work opens with a brash, jazzy first movement, moves to a lyric second movement and ends on a serious note with a driving, assertive rush of energy.

Duo Concertante (2005)
Oboe/bassoon/orchestra. An orchestration of the "Haas" Trio (CMWB 117). Two jaunty outer movements enclose a songful, slow movement which was written in memory of Karl Haas.

Dusting Around with Scott's Rag (1981, rev. 1994) (Flute and orchestra)
Flute/orchestra. A set of lighthearted, entertaining variations on the famous Scott Joplin rag. Written to show off the flutist's technical prowess.

Questings (1987, rev. 1990)
French horn/orchestra. A concerto for horn in three extremely contrasting movements. The horn theme of the opening recurs in the second and third movements, finally coming to a resolution at the end of the work. Also available in horn/wind ensemble (WEI 101).

Reb Mendele (1998) (violin/orchestra)
Violin/orchestra. The name of the Suite is derived from the name of the composer's maternal grandfather, Menachem Mendel, who came to New York from Russia with the great waves of Jewish migration in the 1880ís. In this work, Sargon evokes aspects of the world of East European Jewry with all of its piety, its celebrations, its warmth and closeness. The main melodic idea in the last movement is taken from a source book of authentic Russian-Jewish folk tunes. At Noreen Greenís request, Sargon completed an orchestration of the piano score specifically for the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony.

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