Simon Sargon :: Jewish-Themed Works :: Solo voice with keyboard
Ash un Flamen (Ashes and Flames) (1993)
Medium solo voice/piano or high solo voice/piano. A setting of five Yiddish poems of the Holocaust. Haunting, powerful and evocative, these songs are a dramatic addition to the Yiddish art song concert repertoire.

At Grandfather's Knee (1995)
High voice/keyboard. Settings of five Ladino songs are a rich addition to the Jewish Sephardic musical heritage. Three of the songs (numbers 2, 3 and 4) may be combined with the Sephardic Yom Gila (JCP 104) for an interesting Ladino program.

At Grandmother's Knee (1977, rev. 1980)
Medium solo voice/keyboard. Settings of five Yiddish folk songs capturing the sorrow, joy and richness of now-vanished Eastern European Jewry. Recorded on the CD Shema (Transcontinental 950033). Other versions available.

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