Simon Sargon :: Jewish-Themed Works :: Chorus with solo voice, instrument(s), and keyboard
"If You Will It…" (1983)
A festive cantata in seven movements for tenor solo, SATB chorus and instrumental ensemble celebrating the 36th anniversary of Israel Independence Day. The instrumental sixth movement is particularly well-suited for dance. The title is from Theodore Herzl's famous quote, "If you will is no legend." Texts of the cantata include the Bible, Yehuda Halevi and David Ben Gurion.

L'Moshel ("For example,…") (1973, rev. 1990)
Solo voices/SATB/clarinet in Bb and A/keyboard. A setting of 15 Yiddish proverbs. Each of these short pieces gives musical life to the rich wisdom and humor of the Yiddish proverbs. For example, "When the girl can't dance she says the musicians can't play", or, "When someone talks a lot, it's usually about themselves." May also be performed by solo quartet, clarinet and piano.

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