Simon Sargon :: Orchestra :: Orchestra with solo voice and-or chorus
After the Vietnam War (1985)
Baritone solo/orchestra. Seven poems by soldier poets who fought in the Vietnam War. They express their feelings about war, brutality and violence in powerful, direct language. The large percussion element in the orchestra evokes the instrumental sounds of southeastern Asia. Though set in a particular time period, this is a hard-hitting piece full of universal themes which in its performances has had profound emotional impact upon the audience.

Blue Mountain Ballads (1988)
Mezzo-soprano/orchestra. Five poems of Tennessee Williams. Just as the poetry is written in simple, quasi-Southern dialect language, the music matches with styles encompassing blues, country ballads and Broadway. The moods of this atmospheric cycle range from mystical to dirty-sexy. Audience response is invariably enthusiastic. Currently unavailable.

Letters from Amherst - A Choral Symphony (2002)
SATB/orchestra. Nine poems of Emily Dickinson. The poems reflect the range of Dickinson's interests from the religious to nature to unrequited love. Although the poetry is brief, the settings are large-scale in scope. In this case, Dickinson's famous dashes turn into dramatic orchestral statements.

Psalms of Qumran (1986)
Baritone solo/SATB/orchestra. A selection of texts from the Dead Sea scrolls, translated and adapted from the Hebrew by the composer. The orchestration is highly eclectic with unusual effects utilized to evoke the dry landscape where the Essene sect, the presumed authors of the scrolls, lived in the 1st century, B.C.E. Arresting and dramatic, this singular work has a spiritual and ancient feel and provides interesting programming opportunities for a major orchestral/choral program.

Symphony No. 1 - Holocaust (1985)
A stirring and powerful three movement work premiered by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in 1991 conducted by Eduardo Mata. The third movement is a setting of the Kaddish, the traditional Jewish prayer for the dead, for baritone solo and TTBB male chorus.

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