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A Clear Midnight (1998)
Baritone/horn/piano. Six texts of Walt Whitman. These texts were chosen by the composer to illustrate the outstanding themes of the poet's oeuvre: love of nature; the profound impact of the Civil War; homoeroticism; and acceptance of mortality. The horn part demands a player in complete control of the technical difficulties of the instrument, not only in sustained legato passages, but also in the double and triple tonguing called for in the third movement.

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A River of Honey (2003)
Soprano/flute/piano. Three texts mentioning the flute. In the first, "Sound the Flute," the joyful runs of the flute herald the Spring and nature's beauties. In "Music," the poet listens to her neighbor practicing the flute. Although not attracted to him, when she hears the music she fantasizes about a handsome young man and falls asleep dreaming of him. In the last song, the outpouring of the flute's sound is like a river of honey, intoxicating the listener with its sweetness. Perfect for variety in a flute or voice recital.
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Flame of the Lord (1978, rev. 1991)
Six texts from the Song of Songs set for mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, cello, and harp (or piano). Recorded on the CD Flame of the Lord (Gasparo, 347).

Huntsman, What Quarry? (1990)
Soprano/French horn/piano. Two settings of poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay. The first song, "Huntsman, What Quarry?" musically captures a scene in which the hunter, eagerly anticipating the chase and the kill, chooses the hunt over the opportunity of pleasure with a girl who offers herself to him. The second song, "The Buck in the Snow," is a haunting musical eulogy to the noble buck who lies bleeding in the snow. A strong and memorable set of songs.

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Out of the Depths (2009)
Medium voice/cello/piano. Four Psalm settings in which the deep, rich sound of the cello enhances and intensifies the varying moods of the four songs.

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Patterns in Blue (1974)
Mezzo-soprano/Bb clarinet/piano. A cycle of three mood pieces employing elements of the jazz idiom. Each of the texts from major American poets deal with different aspects of loneliness and isolation.

Shema (1988)
Soprano/flute/clarinet/cello/piano. "Gut-wrenching," "haunting" and "evocative" have been used by critics to describe Sargon's powerful settings of five poems by the Holocaust survivor, Primo Levi. Performed internationally, Shema is regularly featured on Holocaust commemoration programs and chamber music concerts in a variety of venues.

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