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Tarantela (2004)
Two flutes/piano. A lively Spanish tarantela suitable for the advanced high school/early college musician.

The Queen's Consort (1982)
Flute/piano. Six movements whose dance rhythms evoke a baroque or Renaissance instrumental suite.

The Weeping Shofar (1998)
Horn/piano. Using the horn to evoke the calls of the shofar (ram's horn), Sargon's piece mourns the destruction of the Holocaust, utilizing experimental horn techniques to simulate the cries and sobs of the doomed. The Horn Call proclaims: "The composition conveys such a powerful message that the listeners should be granted at least a few minutes afterward to recover."

Towards the Light (2006)
Clarinet/piano. The "light" in the title refers both to personal enlightenment as well as the dance implication of the term "trip the light fantastic." The four movements carry the listener through four contrasting moods, culminating in the lightness and joy of dance.

Tuban Tangos (2007)
Tuba/piano. Three different moods unified by the tango rhythm. Contrary to the popular conception of the tuba, the instrument presents itself in these tangos as one capable of sensuality, romantic tenderness and light-hearted playfulness. Currently unavailable.

Vermeer Portraits (2002)
Horn/piano. A set of six works inspired by the great Dutch painter, Jan Vermeer. These pieces depict in music six of his famous canvases which may be reprinted in the program or projected onto a large screen in the concert hall for an interesting variation.

Who Can Retell? (2001)
12 horns. Setting of the traditional Chanukah song, Mi Yimalel. Appropriate for any concert of a horn choir, in particular those during the holiday season.

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