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"Birds of a Feather. . ." (2006)
2 Clarinets in A. Whimsical depictions of six different kinds of birds, their appearances and their calls. Currently unavailable.

"Haas" Trio (2004)
Oboe/bassoon/piano. Two jaunty outer movements enclose a songful, slow movement which was written in memory of Karl Haas. With the lightness and clarity of the piano textures, the wind instruments are shown off to full advantage. Recorded to critical acclaim on From Hafiz to Firewing (Crystal 820).

"The Legacy" Trio (1993)
Horn/violin/piano. A four-movement work with its roots in the deep feelings surrounding the death of the composer's father in 1992. After the broad and expansive first movement, these conflicted feelings erupt in the unsettled middle movements. The third movement is the focus of the mourning with its funeral march-like quality. The intensity of expression in these movements is lessened by the lyrical phrases of the violin in the final moments of the third movement, clearing the way for feelings of acceptance and forgiveness in the quiet and peaceful theme and variations which conclude the work.

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Deep Ellum Nights (1991)
Clarinet (Bb and A)/piano. The piece takes its name from the area of Dallas, Texas that was a center of jazz and folk music in the 1920's and 1930's, but was destroyed when a major expressway was constructed. The composer recreates the mood and spirit of this neighborhood and its culture in three sketches. Deep Ellum Nights has been performed extensively throughout America and was part of a program of American music presented in Africa and Asia under the sponsorship of the U. S. State Department.

Dei Solo Gloria ("Glory Is to God Alone") (2005)
Trombone/piano. Written for a trombone student named John Sebastian, the composer employed a chorale style a la the great J. S. Bach. The title is an illusion to Bach's unshakeable faith.

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Dusting Around with Scott's Rag (1981, rev. 1994) (Flute and piano)
Flute/piano. A set of lighthearted, entertaining variations on the famous Scott Joplin rag. Written to show off the flutist's technical prowess.

Fantasy on "The Miller's Tears" (Dem Milner's Trern) (2007)
Clarinet/cello/piano. Variations on a famous melody by Warshavsky, the well-known Jewish composer of the 19th century. The piece includes Klezmer elements, as well as an evocation of the Shoah (Holocaust).

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Homage to Hafiz (2004)
Three movement work for oboe and piano which captures the 14th century Persian poet's unique humor, wisdom and joyous love of life. Recorded to critical acclaim on From Hafiz to Firewing (Crystal, 820).

KlezMuzik (1995)
A piece in the Klezmer style for clarinet and piano. This work has entered the chamber music repertoire and been performed nationally and internationally to popular acclaim. Recorded on the CD Shema (Gasparo, 318) and Jewish Friends and Neighbors (ACM, 11280).

Lead Me Home
Two well-known spirituals set for brass quintet. Currently unavailable.

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