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A Chorale for Martin Luther King, Jr. (1969/2002)
Youth orchestra. This piece utilizes Martin Luther King Jr.'s favorite spiritual, "Free At Last," treating it with a set of variations. It is suitable for middle school orchestra, as it does not make extreme technical demands on any of the instruments. It has been performed to enthusiastic response by the Washington, D.C. Youth Orchestra in celebrations of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

A Voice Called (1977, rev. 1992)
Narrators/solos/two-part youth choir/keyboard. The story of Hannah Senesh, a hero of the Holocaust, told through spoken narrations of texts drawn from her diaries and letters as well as musical settings of her poetry. A beautiful and welcome addition to Holocaust education and awareness programs in Jewish and mainstream venues. Also appropriate for concerts commemorating Kristallnacht or the liberation of the camps.

A Voice Still and Small (1987)
Two-part youth choir/solos/keyboard. A musical dramatization of the Biblical story of Elijah the prophet. Elijah finds God not in the roar of the whirlwind, but in the still, small voice that speaks in his heart. Set for actors and singers ages 7-15. Singing and speaking roles. Delightful and engaging for audiences and a wonderful educational opportunity for Jewish or church youth groups.

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Adonai Roi (Psalm 23) (1974, rev. 1981)
Two-part youth choir/solo voice/keyboard. A lyrical setting of Psalm 23, The Lord Is My Shepherd. Appropriate for a youth choir service or concert, or a memorial service.

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Come Let Us Sing (Psalm 98) (1980)
Three-part youth choir/keyboard. An excerpt from Sargon's well-known full-length service for youth choir, Sing God's Praise. Recorded on Music at Congregation Rodeph Shalom (Congregation Rodeph Shalom, 1999).

Feast of Lights (1987)
Two-part youth choir/keyboard. Settings of three traditional Chanukah songs. Ideal for a Jewish youth choir or for programming on a school holiday music concert.

Feast of Lots (1997)
Two-part youth choir/optional solo voice/keyboard. Three traditional songs for the joyous Jewish holiday of Purim. Ideal for a Jewish youth choir or for a school choir programming a concert of religious diversity. A welcome addition to the limited choral repertoire for Purim.

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Haven Yakir Li Ephraim (Ephraim Is a Precious Child of Mine) (1988)
Two-part youth choir/keyboard. An upbeat choice for a Jewish youth choir concert.

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How Excellent Your Name (1993)
Treble solos/two or three part youth choir/keyboard. "Mini cantata" of three movements, all of which express praise to God. Texts adapted from Psalms 8 and 104.

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Ma Yafe Hayom (How Beautiful Is the Sabbath Day) (1978)
Two-part youth choir/keyboard. A simple and lilting setting which presents two well-known Shabbat songs individually, Ma Yafe Hayom and Bim Bom, then musically weaves them together. This work has been performed around the country to great effect by synagogue and youth choirs, as well as school choirs. Especially practical for non-Jewish singers because the Hebrew is limited.

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